Amy & Spencer’s Wedding October 24th, 2009

The weather looked unfavorable in Smyrna, Delaware for Amy and Spencer’s wedding day but it cooperated as best it could for some really key moments.  The rain held off for the bride and groom’s exit from the Smyrna Opera House after the ceremony and we were able to escape down the road to Lake Como for a session of formal photographs.  We had a little surprise when I was photographing just the two of them in front of the lake.  It was a very funny and amazing moment when Spencer began pointing as if he saw Superman and at first it was him being silly but then I noticed his expression changed dramatically as well as Amy’s.  I continued shooting them both even though I really wanted to turn around and look.  If i did i feared that it would have been a prank played on me for falling for his antics.  The next thing I knew a giant bald eagle passed directly over our heads and disappeared into the tree line on the other side of the lake.  There is something about a bald eagle that really makes you freeze in your tracks and watch it fly, even if you are trained to keep photographing the moment.  Unfortunately, I did not have my long lens on to capture this graceful creature gliding along the wind current but I was able to catch one shot of the newly married couple seeing the bird for first time.  It looks like a posed shot but I as well as them can assure you we had a real moment.

2009-10-24 Amy & Spencer Wedding Lake Como Eagle Siting

I uploaded a handful of my favorite moments from the day on the Danielle Vennard Photographers Facebook Fan Page in the 2009 Wedding Favorites Album

If you have a little bit more time I ask that you take a look at a little slide show I put together for them to tell the complete story of their wedding day.  It is located on my main website,, on the Clients page.  Here is a link directly to the show:—spencer/

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back and visit again soon!

Danielle Vennard

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