New Purpose in Life Inspires My Passion

On January 26th, 2010 at 9:39am after 28 hours of waiting I was blessed with a new purpose in life.  His tiny little body weighed in at 6lbs. 6oz. and he was 20 inches long.  We call him Graeme.  I find myself staring at him for hours on end even when he is sleeping.  He is only 3 weeks old but I feel he is already growing way too fast.

The purpose of this blog is primarily about moments in wedding photojournalism but with the arrival of my first child I want to show him to the world.   Being a first time Mom, my life has changed so dramatically.  His presence has given me a renewed sense of motivation.  I am sleep deprived but have more energy than I ever had in my life.

Graeme is already a strong person…lifting his head…strong grip…strong legs…a smile that will make you melt…a beautiful face…a creation of love…best thing my husband and I have ever done.

Graeme Dennis Vennard

Graeme is a different way to spell Graham – My husband’s Grandma Vennard had this name possible if she had a third son.

Dennis is my father’s name.  He passed away in October of 1999 of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.  I know with giving Graeme this middle name he will have my father’s strength.

Vennard is of a Scottish background.  My husband’s father’s side is from Glasgow, Scotland.  We are proud to add another Vennard to the family tree and proud of the Scottish heritage that we have passed on to Graeme.

Danielle Vennard Photographer

~ by DanielleVennard on February 18, 2010.

One Response to “New Purpose in Life Inspires My Passion”

  1. with puppy eyes like that he melts anyones heart, watch out when he gets on to talking and even smiling more and uses suave moves on you to get what he wants, lol, the miracle of life is a great inspiration to capture, with each look, movement, eye contact, smiles, yawns, so much to see and we as mothers just stare at awe that a living human has come out of us and it is ours, a creation of love as you said it. You are doing such a great job, even time to blog and attend tonights meeting, I am impressed!


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