When I’m not being a Wedding Photographer…

SarahKim and K. Michael

My sister-in-law, SarahKim, is a very talented dancer on top of also being an incredible mom and spectacular cook.  Dance is her passion and her passion has also turned into her business.  She is the founder and artistic director of  the dance company called Nova Dance Company.  Shes was invited by Xiang Gao himself to be a part of an upcoming production called “iMusic III-Ode to Earth” happening at 8p on April 16th and 17th at Mitchell Hall on the campus of the University of Delaware.  The UD Master Players Concert Series (MPCS) proudly presents the third iMusic production created and performed by multi-talented violinist Xiang Gao and his guest artists. The creative multimedia concert entitled “iMusic III-Ode to Earth” will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

SarahKim asked me to come into a rehearsal to capture some moments of their performance.  The performance also includes Kimberly Schroeder, K. Michael Rowley and Jon Kennette(not pictured). I found it very interesting to be able to move in out and around the dancers while holding down the shutter and pushing the frames per second to the limit.  At moments I almost felt part of the performance…perhaps an idea for a future collaboration between SarahKim and I??

I can’t wait to see the full performance with the set design on the 16th!


~ by DanielleVennard on March 22, 2010.

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