Networking with Event Professionals: Fresh! 2010 ISES Greater Philadelphia Chapter’s Event Industry Showcase

It’s been a while since I last posted and there was so much that has past that I wanted to share…I will take you back to March 24th to begin my catch up.

On March 24th, my mentor, David Toth, and I exhibited our work at an awesome event called Fresh! 2010 held by the International Special Events Society (ISES) of Greater Philadelphia ChapterFresh! 2010 was an event industry showcase for wedding professionals to share what they are most passionate about.  This years event took place at the Elkins Estate located just outside of the city of Philadelphia.  This place was extraordinary and a perfect venue to host so many talented event professionals.  It once was a summer retreat for William Elkins, a very influential individual in the oil and transportation industry at the turn of the century living in Philadelphia.

Elkins Estate Photographs courtesy Elkins Estate Website

Dave and I both had such a fun time not only sampling some of the best food and drinks but also meeting some really amazing individuals in the wedding industry.  A few stood out for us and I would recommend them hands down if you are in need of any event planning services.

The first was Mark L. Kingsdorf of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants.  Not only did he display his services but also helped to make this event happen being the Committee Chair of Fresh!.  He is the owner of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants.

Dave and I also met an amazing cinematographer named Dave Williams.  He is the director of Cinemacake Filmakers.  If you are looking for something much more creative than a video of your special day than this is the cinematography for you.  Check out their incredible promo video on the homepage of their website.  Cinemacake was a Platinum Sponsor for this event as well as an exhibitor.

We also met Sharon L. Dachino of On Stage and Off Event Planning Specialists.  They didn’t have an exhibit but Sharon took the time to venture to the upper level to connect with Dave and I after meeting her at a previous ISES event.

After connecting with many upstairs by our booth, I ventured downstairs to find something good to eat.  I met a very nice gentlemen named Greg who was busy serving up dishes prepared by Max & Me Catering.  Greg was so nice he even gave me the recipe for dulce de leche that they had to make their brownies taste amazing!  I would love to work an event with Max & Me Catering!

Here are some photographs Dave and I took when we had a chance in between networking with all the great sponsors and exhibitors.

~ by DanielleVennard on April 10, 2010.

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