Wedding: Stephanie & Jason 2010-09-05

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Saturday the fifth of September couldn’t have been a more beautiful day to get married.  Lucky for me I got to shoot that day!  The wedded couple, Stephanie and Jason, are more than just clients, they have become friends and so much so that they even took me up on my offer to take them rock climbing at the DRG!  Stephanie is a pleasure and Jason is a pretty stand-up guy…in more ways than one…he used to be a stand up comedian!  He managed to incorporate some knee slappers into the wedding vows which had us all rolling but I think also helped to settle the nerves of his soon to be wife!

I never use the word but I am going to have to throw it out there…EPIC is the only way to describe their day.  This wedding challenged me physically as well as challenged the capabilities of my equipment.  I was down to my last flash card and I had to borrow my co-pilot’s last set of batteries for my flash to finish off that night.  There was so much to shoot I just couldn’t stop.  On the post side of things it has definitely been challenging going through the 6,000 photos we took that day.  On a side note, my son, Graeme just learned to crawl and so my days are mostly spent chasing him around the house to make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble but this also only allows me to get work done late at night, thus it took me 3 weeks to finish the edits!

Thank you to my great friend, David Toth, for being my co-pilot that day.  I would have crashed without you sir!

Hair done by:  Jennifer Wilkie

Florist:  Wildflowers by Alicia

Venue:  The Mendenhall

DJ:  Extreme DJ – Scott Seidman

Here are the best moments from that day:

Photo:  David Toth

Photo:  David Toth

Photo:  David Toth

(Best shot of the day – and the Emmy goes to:  Mr. David Toth!)

Photo:  David Toth

So I don’t normally have this many photos so thanks for viewing all of them…had to go big on this as between Dave and I we took 6000 photos!

Thanks for reading!


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One Response to “Wedding: Stephanie & Jason 2010-09-05”

  1. I’ll be by to pick up my emmy!
    Stunning work

    team PB&J


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