Co-piloting: Kimberly & Thomas 2010-10-23

Brian getting a few shots of the dress in a more creative spot

As mentioned before this past year I began to shoot with photographers other than Dave.  One of the photographers that I had the pleasure of working with was Brian McDonald.  I met Brian at a Photog Shootout that took place in Newark, DE almost two years ago.  We ended up in the same group and pretty much hung out the rest of the day talking more about the business than really taking any pictures.  At that point in time Brian was just getting into the wedding photography business.  About a year and half passed and we saw each other occasionally at other networking events and he checked in to see how I was doing (pregnant at the time).  He is more than a colleague but also a friend.  He is a good father and I know this because he is always more than willing to give me tips on raising a child since he has three little ones of his own.

This past September he called me up and asked if I would like to come shoot with him in October and I of course said yes.  I was very much looking forward to accompanying him.  Brian is a very focused photographer.  He knows what he wants and he makes it happen.  Gotta love the efficiency and I know the couples appreciate it too.

Thank you again Brian for allowing me to be apart of the day with you.

Here are a couple of my shots that I thought stood out from the bunch.

Hair and Make-up by 401 West, Egg Harbor, NJ

Thank you as always for reading!


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