Co-piloting: Sherri & Matt 2010-12-11

As you can see I am way behind in posting.  It was a busy beginning to the new year and I am playing a little catch up on the blog.  I wanted to share with you a special wedding that took place right before Christmas that I shot with my friend, Brian McDonald.  It’s always cool shooting weddings during the holidays as the decor always lends itself to the festive season.  I always take advantage when I am capturing the details as you will see in the moments I post.

Sometimes being a second shooter can be a little awkward since you are meeting the clients and their families for the first time the day of.  I did not feel an ounce of this stepping into the bride, Sherri’s parent’s house.  They welcomed us with open arms offering us breakfast.  I always say thank you but decline the offer as I am there to get a job done and if there is any time after I may oblige.

Here are a couple moments from the day.  I was lucky enough to get some undirected moments in between Brian’s posed groups session as you will see.

Thank you as always for checking out my latest work.


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~ by DanielleVennard on March 21, 2011.

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