When I’m not being a wedding photojournalist…

I thought I would share with all of you another aspect of my life.  On my bio page I list myself as being a rock climber.  I am very passionate about all things climbing and for me it has changed my life.  I began climbing in the spring of 2005 which puts me at my 6 year anniversary since I started.  Climbing is the reason I met my husband at grad school in the fall of 2005.

First climbing for Dann and I in the fall of 2005 (Boone, NC) (and first official picture together!)

Climbing took my husband and I on trips all over the US and Europe. Our favorite place to climb is called Fontainebleu Forest in France.

Packed and ready for adventure in France!

Climbing a small sandstone boulder in the Fontainebleau Forest, France

Climbing brought me an opportunity to work in a rock climbing gym, the Delaware Rock Gym, where I get to instruct and create climbs to teach people the movement of climbing. Climbing is why I met David Toth, my mentor, and why I ultimately became a wedding photographer in the first place.

Dave and I (aka PB&J) at a wedding last fall...of course we had to do the photo booth!

Dann and I went  to Horse Pens 40 in Alabama in spring of 2009.  It was our last big climbing trip as during the 2 week stay I became pregnant with our first child.

Completing this climb was an accomplishment as it was the most difficult boulder problem I have sent on real rock. (HP40-Slinging Meat V4)

Climbing kept me super happy during my 9 months of pregnancy with Graeme.  It made so much of an impact I even wrote an article about my experience titled “Climbing through Pregnancy:  One foothold at a time.”  If you desire to read it please visit my personal Facebook page under Notes at:


Climbing a roof 7 months pregnant at Hueco Tanks in El Paso Texas (Martini Roof V6)

My last night of climbing at 9 months pregnant at the Delaware Rock Gym December 28, 2009

Graeme has already been out on the rocks with us as well as in the climbing gym.  I expect that he will continue to love to climb and look forward to one day climbing together (again).  I am also very grateful to have met so many genuine friends from climbing in the gym or meeting them out on the rock.  Being a photographer it is only natural that I pack the camera to document our day of fun.

Giving Graeme a feel for real rock at 6 months old

I say to all of you it is very important for you to find something that you are passionate and happy about to build your life around.  Climbing is the glue that holds the many aspects of my life together. Without it I would not be the person I am today, know the people I know, or most important, have a family that means everything to me.

Thanks for reading.


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