When I’m not being a Wedding Photojournalist: Rock Climbing Competition: Climbnasium Frostbite

My last post gave insight on another creative outlet for me, documenting rock climbing competitions.  I covered another great event at a gym that is near and dear to my heart, The Climbnasium, in Mechanicsburg, PA on the 5th of February.  The Climbnasium gave me my first experience of rock climbing.  It saved me from a dark time in my life and forever put me on a path to find purpose and happiness.

The Climbnasium is a converted barn which gives it many facets to work with.  The inside from floor to ceiling lends itself to some excellent overhang climbing.  There are three areas full of great climbing which make for an exciting place to photograph.  The upstairs is completely devoted to bouldering which is the short climbing without the use of ropes.  There is a mix of both rope and bouldering on the other two levels.

The competition was strictly bouldering so it was all about big moves and leaving it all on the wall at the end of the day.  A group of climbers from my current gym, The Delaware Rock Gym, ventured 2 hours to throw down for the day which made it even more fun to capture the moments.  Congrats to both Liz Arce and Emily Varisco for coming home with 1st and 2nd place in Women’s open category!

Here the best action shots of the day:

If you enjoyed those few pics and want to see more please visit my online gallery at the following link:  http://daniellevennard.smugmug.com/Competitions/2011-02-05-Climbnasium/15799304_KcFHd

Thank you as always for checking out my latest post.


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~ by DanielleVennard on April 18, 2011.

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