Wedding Photojournalism: Paige & Jesse: April 9, 2011

It’s official.  My wedding season kicked off on April 9th with a wedding practically in my back yard.  I am used to driving several hours to get to a location but this one was just over the border in Wilmington, Delaware at the Blue Ball Barn.  So already you may wonder how does a venue get a name like that…well I don’t want to spoil it but it has something to do with a blue ball and a tavern way back when.  For the full story please visit their site and check out details about having a great wedding experience there:

Besides the history, another aspect of this venue, ( I will admit I am biased to since I am an artist) is all the art on display.  When there is art on display chances are the lighting will be pretty descent.  The ring shots were extra fun with all the cool sculptures I could incorporate into the compositions.  I couldn’t pick just one so you will see a few.

Obviously I was excited about this venue but I was very much looking forward to providing my photography service for Paige & Jesse.  These two were so easy to work for.  They knew what they wanted.  They put their faith and trust in me without question.  They both greeted me with smiles and welcomed me into a very important day in their lives.  This was a stress free wedding all around for everyone.  It was a simple but meaningful ceremony complimented by a very enjoyable reception.  The music selection was great for all who attended.  Gotta love it when they take requests!  It’s a good night when you see several of the guests pulling out their wallets pleading with the DJ to stay a little longer.

One last thing before I share a snippet of their day.  I am a tom-boy, hands down but there was something about Paige’s dress that had me daydreaming at one point about wearing it and twirling around in it for a moment…..take a look 🙂

Here’s a list of all the vendors who made this day spectacular for Paige & Jesse:

Venue:  Blue Ball Barn

Caterers:  Bixby’s Caterers

Cake:  Regina McCartney-Mackay (Paige’s college roomate)

Cupcakes:  Jesse’s sister, Holly Semanchik, an aspiring young baker

DJ:  Tom Barrett DJ’s

Thank you as always for taking the time to stop by and check out what my latest ventures are.

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