Wedding Photojournalism: Monika & Urs – April 30, 2011

There is just something about the way they look at each other, so romantic, yet shows this deep sense of love.  Is it possible to have a crush on clients?  Maybe I am keen to picking up on this more so than before but I’m telling you they make my heart melt like a good romantic film.   I enjoyed every minute of being their photographer, from the time we first met at a pub in West Chester to the last minutes of my post editing.  (Of course it doesn’t end there but for the moment the majority of the workflow has been completed.)  Their ceremony was a bit unique from the past weddings I have shot.  Monika is Ukrainian so they had their ceremony at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Philadelphia.  We all know the bride to walk down the aisle to be given away to the groom but in a Ukrainian ceremony the bride and groom enter the cathedral as equals.  They get to walk down the aisle together twice!  The cathedral was the most beautiful I have ever entered.  I hope the photography was able to do it justice but I think you really have to go see it for yourself to appreciate the beauty.  It made for absolutely spectacular ceremony photos because of the great amount of light that entered the space.  The reception was held at the Philadelphia Cricket Club right outside the area of Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia.  The grounds make for a wonderful backdrop for any occasion.  The ballroom was built for bouncing a flash and thus the exposures weren’t tricky at all.  I would recommend this space to any client guaranteeing that they will receive excellent photographs documenting this part of their day.  Urs is from Switzerland so as a gift to him, Monika hired the International Alphorn society to play during the cocktail hour.  The society was even gracious enough to let them try to blow on the big horns…apparently it’s a lot harder than it looks!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to document your day, Monika & Urs.  It was an honor!

It was a hard task of narrowing down my selection of photographs from the day but here they are:

Photograph by David Toth

Photograph by David Toth

Photograph by David Toth

Most importantly I would like to thank my co-pilot, David Toth.  I’ve said it many a time that I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have David by my side and this wedding was no different.  When the ceremony had ended I went outside to get some wide angle shots of the cathedral and upon entering to do the group formals I could not for the life of me get my polarizer off.  Dave having many years experience in fixing camera gear came to my aid and was able to remove it just as the bride and groom were done with their receiving line.  Phew!  That was a close one!  You are one in a million Dave!  Besides the rescue he of course always provides my clients with moments that are beyond words.

Here’s a list of all the vendors who made this day spectacular for Monika & Urs:

Venue:  Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Philadelphia; Philadelphia Cricket Club

Hair:  Yvonne Houser from Platinum

Make-up:  Samantha Smith

Caterers:  Philadelphia Cricket Club

Cake:  Night Kitchen Bakery

Florist:  Petah Bashano At Alvin’s Flowers

Band: Zahrava (Ukrainian Band from Canada)

Thank you for taking the time to check out Monika & Urs’s Wedding photographs and read a little bit about their day.


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~ by DanielleVennard on May 25, 2011.

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  1. Great work as always Danielle!


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