Wedding Photojournalism: Christina & Tom – May 29th, 2011

I was introduced to Tom and Christina through my biggest advocate for my wedding photography, my husband.  Tom and Dann work for the same company and I am sure once Dann found out he was engaged he was right there showing Tom my work.  Even better Christina introduced me to her sister, Stephanie, who happened to be engaged at the time as well and who I then had the pleasure of capturing her wedding last September.  It was so enjoyable to be capturing the Infiesta Family’s  fun day once again.  I was also very psyched to be working with the same hair, Jennifer Wilkie and make-up professionals as I had for Stephanie’s wedding…seeing as their beautiful work made it easy for me to take great pictures of all the women.

One very memorable moment for me personally was when I came in the front door with my big bag and Christina gives me a huge hug, offers me something to eat and then adds, “I even have grapefruit juice for you.”  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a slight addiction to Ocean Spray Red Ruby Grapefruit Juice.  Ok, ok, it’s more than slight.  I finish a mega bottle (BJ’s Wholesale size) every other day.  Though it may seem like a small thing I was really taken back that on her wedding day, Christina had been so thoughtful for me, the photographer.

Another memorable moment was that I got to break out my mini sewing kit!  I always have it on hand for emergencies.  The junior bridesmaid, Ella had a missing clasp on the back of her dress so they allowed me to make one out of thread.  Thanks to Nicole Infiesta for documenting this moment > Click Here to view!

I can’t end the post before I mention about the band, Central Park.  They had the whole place jamming the entire night at the Harry Savoy Ballroom.  A great amount of diverse music for all ages was performed by four lead singers!  Receptions can be a drag if the music stinks so my hat is off to Central Park for making it just as much fun to capture the party as it was to actually be partying!  (I did get to dance for a brief moment when Stephanie caught me bobbing my head and decided I needed a 15 second dance break with her.  There is documentation of this but I look like a goof so you will just have to visualize me with a big camera in one hand with my other hand in the air and my tongue sticking out for whatever reason. Thanks Stephanie for that brief moment of dancing freedom!)

I was a bit long winded with this post but hopefully you still have time to take a look at the best moments from Christina & Tom’s day.  Here goes! 🙂

Photograph by Kim Salem

Photograph by Kim Salem

Photograph by Kim Salem

Photograph by Kim Salem

Photograph by Kim Salem

Photograph by Kim Salem

One last but not least mention is a huge thanks to my co-pilot for the day, Kim Salem.  We got a chance to work together last year on a wedding she had at Holly Hedges Estate (Click here for that blog post).  I thought I was a descent second shooter until she blew me out of the water with how attentive she was to my needs.  If it weren’t for her I may not have had anything to drink during the reception or eat for that matter.  I get in a zone and I just go, go, go.  She even took the time to help with the slideshow so that it didn’t take me all night like it usually does when there is so much to capture.  It was a huge help and Christina even made mention of the guests raving about it so it was a huge plus in the job well done column.  After working through all the edits I am again blown away by her talent and ability to see angles that documented a lot of the best moments from the day.  Below I have posted a bunch of her work so be sure and give her some love over on her website/blog if you get a moment. > Kim Salem  Couldn’t have done it without you, Kim!

Thank you so much Christina & Tom for a very enjoyable experience of documenting your wedding day!

List of Vendors:

Wedding Location:  St. Thomas The Apostle Church

Wedding Coordinator:  Gloria Talbot for Harry’s Savoy Ballroom

Hairdresser:  Jennifer Wilkie –

Florist:  Wildflowers by Alicia (wedding party, ceremony flowers); Celebrations Design Group (reception center pieces)

Caterer/Baker:  Harry’s Savoy

Band:  Central Park

Thanks so much for reading!


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