Co-piloting: Raquel & Chris 2011-02-11

A wintry day in February I drove about 3 hours to meet my good friend, Dave Toth at a secluded castle in Northern Jersey.  I’m bouncing around a mountain road and totally think I am completely lost when I come around a turn and find myself right in front of the Skylands Manor.  The Skylands is part of the the New Jersey Botanical Garden at the very top of the state.  It is one of those places you walk around and try not to let your jaw drop wide open.  One of the biggest rules of wedding photojournalism is that the focus is always about the people and the emotions, not the place.  Having never been there before I had to get over the awe of it fast and get to work.  It helped that Dave had me start out with shooting some details.  I moved on to shoot the groom, Chris, and his groomsmen.  His gift to his groomsmen were a pair of black Chuck Taylors and cuff links donned with a professional baseball team logo based on their favorite team.  As always Dave lets me take the reigns on the ring shot.  There was an infinite amount of environments for me to put the rings and I got incredibly lucky as the one that ended up taking the cake was the very last place I set up the rings, the cherub.  Back to the reception I will be honest it was a lot of work.  There was a very intensive videographer who seemed to be in middle of everything most of the night.  I found myself constantly adjusting my settings based on what he was doing.  At one point his light was so intense that I just turned off the flash and went high ISO to see what I could get. The black and white image of the couple below is a result of taking that chance.

Here are a couple details and moments from the day

Thank you to David Toth for having me a part of his team that day.  To see where my style of wedding photography has evolved from please take a moment to give David some love and visit his website at:

Thank you readers for your time and love.


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