New Updates to my Website: About Pages added; Wedding Book Example Layout added

Danielle Vennard Photographer About Me webpage

I wrestle with whether I should put too much time into my “About” pages on my website because I wonder if anyone ever reads them.  I decided for my own cathartic benefit I needed to say what I needed to say.

The “About Danielle” page is much more than a series of adjectives labeling who I am.  I do define myself with a handful of nouns but then I address what each one means and how it relates to being a professional wedding photographer.

The “About Wedding Photojournalism” page is simply explaining, to the best of my ability, the definition of what it is all about.  The purpose for this page was to clarify the style since the word “photojournalism” seems to be thrown around as a buzz word.  Wedding Photojournalism is very particular style of wedding photography and definitely needs to be understood up front by all potential brides and grooms as non-intrusive and non-directive.  In short, we aren’t going to do a 2 hour posing session in the middle of your wedding day.

Danielle Vennard Photographer About Wedding Photojournalism webpage

A “Wedding Book Example Gallery” page was also uploaded to get an idea how I design my books.  Every single book is built from scratch.  I do not use templates, funky edges, patterns, borders or overlays.  I prefer a crisp clean look that shows the best of the best moments in a narrative that lays out couples true wedding story.

Danielle Vennard Photographer Wedding Book Sample webpage

I invite you all to take a look at the new additions.  Being an artist, I am always open to constructive criticism so don’t hesitate to speak your mind by emailing me directly @ or leaving your comments below.

Thank you as always for taking the time to check out my thoughts and images!


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