Wedding Photojournalism: Mary Beth + John’s Wedding on Veteran’s Day at the Harrisburg Hilton

Mary Beth and John are two of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Within 10 min of meeting them they opened up to the story of their relationship and the details of their forest trail, 4th of July, proposal.  It’s true that love will find a way in sometimes the most unlikely of circumstances.  Spending a couple hours with these two made it is obvious that they are soul mates.

They set their wedding date unknowingly on Veteran’s day.  It was a great coincidence for them as both their father’s served our country as well as Mary Beth’s son who is currently serving.  Even though their day was suppose to be about them they dedicated part of their reception to honoring their fathers as well as all those who serve our great country with a slideshow and a moment of silence.

I have never seen a couple more into dancing than these two.  They were the last ones off the dance floor at the end of the night.  For weeks John had been taking his Friday lunch break to meet Mary Beth at the dance studio.  They put in time with a choreographer who worked with them on creating a special first dance.  Their work paid off as they never missed a beat.  It was certainly a special thing to present their guests with a bit of a show instead of the typical slow dance.

A huge thanks to my great friend and mentor, David Toth, for being my co-pilot for the day.  He did an awesome job all around from the details of the reception room to the  ninja-esque portraits he was able to grab without them knowing the camera was on them.  Co-pilot forever!!  Thanks Dave!

One side note for all photogs out there.  Do you carry any kind of emergency kit for unexpected snags?  Well I do…though after this wedding I have a couple things to add.  One would be a bleach pen…obvious in it’s importance.  Two would be dress closure hooks.  I ask all those seamstresses out there to thrown in an extra set for every bride.  It is a little bit tense when you get to the part of the day when the dress is being put on and the mom or bridesmaid goes to secure the back of the dress and the hook is missing.  Luckily, I had my needle and thread on hand to make one…though not my best work it somehow was able to stay intact the whole night.  phewwww……..

It was a pleasure to capture your wedding day, Mary Beth and John.  Thank you for having trust in David and I to get the job done for you.

Without further ado I present to you the selection of the best moments of the day.

Photo by David Toth

Photo by David Toth

Photo by David Toth

Photo by David Toth

Venue:  Harriburg Hilton

Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Hair:  Elissa from Dillsburg

Florist:  Blooms by Vickery, Ron –

Cake:  PA Bakery –

DJ:  Adam DiCarlo, Mad Hatter Productions

Thank you for your time to grab a glance at the wedding photography put forth in this post.  If you see something that strikes your heart muscle and wish to express it please by all means leave it below in the comment section.

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