Wedding Photojournalism: A Client “Extra”: Artistically Designed DVD Boxes


I contemplated whether or not to let the cat out of the bag with this one, but decided to share a unique product I offer to my clients that sets me apart from all other photographers on the planet…yes as far as I know no one else offers their clients an artistically designed DVD box.  There is a chance that by sharing my creative gift that other photographers may decide to offer the same “extra” to their clients as well.  What the hey right?  Copying is the best form of flattery in my opinion.  Seriously though, I hope other photographers take my idea, expound upon it and find a way to customize it to their clients vision.

Within the photography industry, there is so much talk of the “cloud” and how you can “pass” on your images after a shoot so that there is no physical “thing” to have to ship or deliver.  This does save on time, effort, and money for the photographers.  I agree that the ability to virtually deliver their images is a very useful tool in developing a successful business for almost every photographer out there.  In my case that doesn’t work for me because I feel it distances the photographer(me) from delivering an experience.

Being an artist, I have the need to create things of beauty for people who appreciate them.  The artistically designed DVD box is an original idea of mine.  I give my clients an awesome keepsake that can be used for keeping sentimental things from their wedding, a jewelry box, or simply what I designed it for…to keep their DVDs in a special place.  The boxes have evolved over the past year or so getting a bit more elaborate with each generation.

Details on the making of the boxes:

The boxes themselves are antique cigar boxes.  Each box is different and gives me different problems to solve when it comes to the design.  I paid a company, Branding Irons Unlimited, to make a custom branding iron.  I literally brand my logo on each box.  For boxes with nicer wood, I will try to keep as much of the natural wood finish as possible.  For boxes made of composite wood, I tend to add more paint (in the colors of the clients weddings), fabric/ribbon (matching their colors as well), matted pictures, or trinkets they may have had on their guest’s tables to decorate.  It would be awesome if I could make the box myself but, for me, taking a found object and transforming it from an empty, neglected cigar box into a beautiful keepsake is much more enjoyable.  I like the fact that every single box comes out even more different from the next thus adding to the entire experience of hiring me for how I truly give each client their own unique product.

From my time in business I have learned that all clients want an awesome experience but not an identical experience.  Every single person on this earth is different and each couple has a different vision for their wedding and it is my job to encompass that in my service to the client as an artist and wedding photojournalist.  The best part about these is that my clients have no idea they will be receiving this…they know they get DVDs but I don’t tell them about what they being delivered in.  Although anyone interested in my wedding photography services that reads this now has knowledge this “extra” but it’s not the only surprise I give my clients.   🙂

Here a couple of images of said boxes.  I have included ones from the beginning to show how they have evolved from very simple to pretty elaborate.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you are curious about more of the process of creation, what materials I use or simply want to leave me a bit of love and appreciation for what I create.














Thank you as always for reading my blog.  Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to leave some much appreciated love!  🙂


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