Wedding Photojournalism: Laura + Adam at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens – March 31, 2012

Bride glances at her new husband as they walk back down the aisle as man & wife

I told Laura a couple days before I made the drive down to Vienna, VA that even though the weather wasn’t looking great for her outdoor wedding that I believed someone upstairs would pull some strings and keep the precipitation from materializing on her big day.  I don’t like to be the one to tell someone “hey i told you so” but in this case it was a good thing.   By the time the ceremony started the cloudiness had subsided and it was nothing but sunshine blanketing them and their guests on the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens patio area.  We managed to get the relaxed portraits in just before the sunlight began to disappear for the evening alerting everyone to move inside for the night.

The reception was then held inside the enormous atrium.  The layout of this atrium was really neat.  They had a stream running through with two little bridges surrounded by lots of exotic botanical flowers (which I definitely utilized for the ring shots 🙂 )  It was a very open space which I tend to enjoy, almost as if we were still outside.

On a more personal level I think I found the girl I want Graeme to marry.  Her name is Carly and she is one of the coolest little girls I have ever met.  Instantly she gravitated to me at the rehearsal dinner at Laura and Adam’s favorite restaurant, PassionFish in Reston, VA.  I was thinking maybe because either she is fascinated with having her picture taken and seeing it on the back of the camera or because I am borderline gnome size compared to everyone else in the room (and a majority of humans who walk this earth) that I looked like a kid.  She is unusually camera aware and I don’t think I had more than 2 photos of her where she hadn’t locked eyes with the barrel of my lens. Currently, my Facebook profile image is of Carly and I when I snagged a quick moment to dance with her at the rehearsal dinner.  Thank you to Erin, the bride’s sister, for having her camera handy and saving that moment for us 🙂  I miss that munchkin and having that image makes me smile.

This wedding was a bit difficult to be the photographer as I really did want to put my camera down and shake a leg on the dance floor with Carly and all the family and friends I made connections with.  I may come across as a broken record when I say this but I truly enjoy doing what I do for the people who I make friends with at the end of the night.  Seriously,  isn’t that why we’re all here in the first place?

Shout out to the maid of honor, Mary, for being the best friend any bride could ask for with all her planning, prepping and being ready for anything that could happen.  She took care of me three times that day which in my mind was three times too many.  First off she stashed a piece of the cake (which is beyond my vocabulary on how to describe something that tasted so amazing) that incidentally the bride’s sister, Erin, made.  Second, Mary made sure that I got fed as there was so much going on that I didn’t take a rest until after the cake cutting at 10p!  Third and the most crucial savior for me was helping me find my father’s ring.  Somehow in the excitement of the evening my necklace chain broke and my ring had gone missing without my knowledge until everyone was gathering their things to leave.  I was in mid sentence with her and realized it was gone and she once again came to my rescue.  She somehow knew that a ring had been found and taken to the DJ’s table.  I was incredibly thankful to her and how resourceful she was the entire day.  I think back to when I was a maid of honor and feel ashamed I was nowhere near as thoughtful as Mary.  She has a great heart as does so many people surrounding Laura and Adam.  I feel honored to have been witness to their day and look forward to keeping the flames of those connections burning.

Thank you as well to my co-pilot and good friend, David Toth, for making the 5+ hour drive down from his home in New Jersey to be my second set of eyes on the hunt for precious moments.

I thank Laura and Adam not only for the honor of being their photographer but also for making me wealthier in friendship.  I look forward to rock climbing and running a race or two as well as going for that overdue visit to a Mexican restaurant with them in the near future.

Venue:  Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Vienna, Virginia – excellent atmosphere and well maintained and beautiful gardens; Bianca the coordinator for their day was very friendly and excellent to work with

Cake:  Erin Schwartz – cake was as delicious as it looked

Caterer:  Great Blue Heron (in-house caterer at Meadowlark)

Flowers: Karin’s Florist (besides all the ones at Meadowlark of course)

DJ: MyDeeJay (Michael Bell)

I guess many of you may be thinking I talk way too much and I don’t deny it.  I have the need to get it all out there and convey my most heartfelt emotions about any couple’s big day but I won’t lie this one was pretty special to me and thus deserved a bit more than the usual rundown.  My apologies for keeping you waiting but here is some documentation of their weekend:

Bride and Mother during rehearsal practiceflower girl and her father exploring the atrium of Meadowlark Botanical Gardensflower girl, bride and grandmothers all happy to be togetherbride and mother of the groom having a moment during the getting readydisplaying the dress with bride anxious to get readygroom and his brother the best man having a bit of fun while getting readyPhotograph by David Toth

bride's sister looks on as is getting make-up and hair donethe groom and his groomsmen all helping one another to look their bestPhotograph by David Toth

gorgeous bride

funny moment while putting on the veilceremony view from the back rowbride is all smiles as the groom puts on her ringMoment just before the kisshands of the bride and groom locked togetherbride glances a smile toward the groom as they walk back down the aisle as man and wifebride and groom strolling back though the garden toward the atrium for cocktail hourbride and groom during the first danceawesome cake by the bride's sister, Erin Schwartzdetail of the cake topper by sister of the bride, Erin Schwartzdetail of the cake by sister of the bride, Erin SchwartzMary, Maid of honor, giving her speechrings shota moment after the cake cuttingGroomsmen does split while dancing with Bridegroom and groomsmen in the momentdancing shotdancing shot

In case you missed the post last August showcasing their engagement session as well as how our connection began, please a take a moment to visit:

Thank you so much for visiting the blog to see the amazing wedding of Laura & Adam.  It was a lengthy post and if you made it to the end make sure and tell me so next time I see you I will give you my best attempt at a bear hug that I can 🙂


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