Wedding Photojournalism: Audrey + Juno exchange their vows at Hotel Hershey, PA on May 26, 2012

a walk through the Hotel Hershey Garden Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographer

I have been super nervous leading up to the wedding day of Audrey & Juno since I would be working for two talented artists.  Both Juno and Audrey live in NYC and work as animators.  (Be sure and head over to her personal website to check out her animation reel and her sketches >HERE as well as her really cool blog>HERE) They met in art school and have continued to be together since graduating.  Having a highly intense fine art background myself, I somehow feel a bit of extra pressure to produce the best work I can for other creatives in the art industry.

As I was traveling on my 2 hour drive to Hershey, PA for Audrey and Juno’s big day, lots of childhood memories resurfaced from many family trips to Hershey Park.  For a moment I slipped into memories of riding the tee cups with my Mom and brother (Dad photographed the moment of course) and walking up the main drag where I was allowed to pick out a horseshoe to have my name etched on (still have this in a keepsake box).  One of the coolest days in high school (14 years ago) was when I spent an entire day there with my best friends measuring all the G forces in each one of their (at the time) 7 coasters (SooperDooperLooper, Wildcat, Comet, Great Bear, Sidewinder, Lightning Racer and Trail Blazer).

When I pulled up to Hotel Hershey, which overlooks the park, I opened my door to the sound of the music, the smell of chocolate and the occasional test run of the roller coasters negate of any high pitch screaming (park wasn’t quite open yet).  As I entered into one of the finest hotels I have ever set foot in with arsenal of photography gear in tow I snapped back to reality and put my wedding photography game face on.  I was able to squeeze into an elevator with a bunch of guests all dressed up for a celebration, including one gentleman that looked a bit familiar.

Panorama of the Hotel Hershey Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographer

I arrived in the huge Highpoint Suite to find Audrey in the middle of her make-up.  I went to work and was able to capture a few special images of her and her family including one with the familiar gentleman I had seen in the elevator.  This gentlemen turned out to be her father, and also the well established commercial photographer, Bob Skalkowski (take a look at his stunning portfolio > HERE).  I finally remembered I had spent a few moments talking shop with him at a wedding in November (John & Mary Beth) that I was hired to photograph.  It was only by pure coincidence that we had met again at his daughter’s wedding via a referral from a good friend and photographer who was already booked.

A couple special details to note are that Audrey wore her mother’s wedding dress from 1979.  Juno wore a traditional Filipino wedding barong that was his grandfathers.  Audrey’s ring contains a stone that is generations old from Juno’s side of the family.

here are a few getting ready images:

Bride applying her mascara Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographerbride having a moment with her make-up artist Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographerbridal gown circa 1979 Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographerbride's sister putting on keepsake necklace as mom looks on in joy Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographerbride's niece checking her to make sure her hearing is alright with her kid's doctor set Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographerbride checking herself out in the mirror after all final touches were complete Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard PhotographerDad amazed at seeing his daughter in her Mom's wedding dress Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard PhotographerBride's niece feeding cheerios to bride's father Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard PhotographerGroom waiting anxiously to begin the ceremony Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographer

The ceremony took place on the Castillian Sundeck area in direct sunlight which made it a bit toasty but the thunderstorms held off and all went well.  The officiant performed an excellent service and was able to get a laugh or two out of the bride, groom and guests to make for some great images.  A unique touch to their service was that they had a harpist, Mary Kate Spring Lee of “Seasons” play throughout the ceremony.  A very special moment, other than the kiss of course, was when Juno read allowed a heartfelt last letter to his bride-to-be that had a few of us tearing up as we listened on.

laughter between the bride and groom intiated by the words of the officiant Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard PhotographerMary Kate Spring Lee Harpist from Seasons Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographerbride and groom walking back down the aisle as man and wife Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographer

Following the ceremony, the families got together for brunch in the Castillian Room full of anything your heart desired for breakfast including a dessert bar complete with all things Hershey.

Bride and Groom sneak a kiss during the reception Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographerring  detail shot Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard PhotographerDad and granddaughter enjoying a bowl of Hershey's Ice cream together Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard PhotographerHershey's chocolate dessert treats Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographer

The last part of our day led us to the Hershey Gardens where the couple and her Mom’s immediate family joined in on a stroll.  It was not unusual to see couples and groups of friends hanging out in hotel robes following their spa experiences though we all kind of giggled wondering if we should have gotten the garden attire memo.  It was definitely a very relaxing environment.  Audrey’s 2 year old niece, Megan Rose, was extremely cute as we stopped to allow her to smell the flowers in the bridal bouquet.  Here are a couple memorable shots from their walk.

a walk through the Hotel Hershey Garden Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard PhotographerBride, Groom and niece watching the fish in the pond at Hotel Hershey Garden Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard PhotographerBride and her niece appreciating the bridal bouquet Copyright 2012 Danielle Vennard Photographer

Congrats to the happy couple!  Looking back on my wedding I kind of wish I got to spend the day after riding all the roller coasters at Hershey Park like they got to enjoy!

Venue:  Hotel Hershey

Hair:  Jill from Do or Dye Hair Salon in Enola

Flowers:  Blooms by Vickery in Camp Hill –

Music:  Mary Kate Spring Lee – Harpist from Seasons

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